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Chiropractic care is a conservative method of healthcare that is safe and effective. It can help to treat many different musculoskeletal complaints. Common complaints may include low back pain, frozen shoulder, sprained ankles, and many more.  We use many different techniques such as drop tables, pro-adjuster tools, myofascial release technique, manual adjusting, and many more, to help re-align the body, potentially allowing for maximum body functionality.


Located 2 blocks from Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center in Santa Clara, Ca,  Dr. Wendy and Dr. Ashley  welcomes everyone to come and learn about and receive chiropractic care. We believe technique, comfort, and effectiveness are both major factors in helping the body recover. We strive to stay up-to- date with current research and provide the best care we can to help speed up the healing process. 


Current News!

Dr. Wendy is on sabbatical until 2020! Her most recent message: 

1961 Pruneridge Ave, Ste B2

Santa Clara, CA 95050
Tel: (408) 735-8188
E-Mail: drashleychen@gmail.com



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Saturday:      open once a month

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